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Would like to have a home everywhere I go like little Donatello here #tortega #vida
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Hey little guy #green #grasshopper

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Aron Wiesenfeld, Tenant, oil on panel, 46 x 38 in / 117 x 97 cm, 2013, image posted with permission of the artist.
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The proper response to street harassment
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'El Drago Bas' (or vas..) A man comes here almost everyday and sits listening to classic violin with paintings of faces on rocks for sale. He told me about this dragon here, he's sleeping now but 5 or so years ago, he was surrounded by turtles and fish and a large lagoon with a waterfall, for 5 years there's been no water but recently Xavier and the locals have been working on waking up the dragon, and so far they have 1 red frog and a green frog which have had lots of tadpoles, Going to come back and find a waterfall one day maybe… #girona #drago
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Sitting in a park in Girona and I look up and see this.. #rabo #peneedificio #penisbuilding

Adolphe Braun
Swiss Alps

 I drank all the stars.
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The sun shining through a hole in a castle at la Fosca #sweettechniques #comp #Sun #catalan #castle
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Lazy trees #catalonia
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Need more balconies in England
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Bailar en la calle todos dias #espania